Organising a wine tasting at home or learning how to taste wine in a didactic and even fun way is very easy if you have our Blind Wine Tasting Pack, which we are launching in pre-sale with a discount and without shipping costs, only for a few days.

Whether you want to learn how to taste or if you already have some knowledge and want to improve your tasting, our blind tasting box will help you a lot. In it you will find everything you need to organise a wine tasting at home, at your own pace, with friends or with yourself.
This is what is contained in the Blind Wine Tasting Pack that we have launched at Bodega Sierra Norte:

  • 6 carefully selected wines that you will find hidden in opaque bags.
  • 6 glasses.
  • A professional corkscrew.
  • An aroma wheel.
  • A tasting guide.
  • Self-fill-in sheets so you can write down your perceptions, and a QR code so you can download more sheets when you finish them.
  • The wine tasting sheets, so that you can buy your answers with the information provided by our winemakers.
  • The instructions, so that the tasting is perfect.

All the materials (except the wine you drink, of course 😜) are reusable, so you can use them in future tastings.

The pack is about to be ready, we are working on the last details and we will have it ready from April 20th, but until then we have opened a pre-sale period from today until April 16th, with a 5% discount on its price and 10% if you are a member of our wine club. In other words, you buy it now at a cheaper price and you will receive it at your home from April 20th, and without shipping costs! We put it on a plate for you, don’t you think so 😉

Why blind tasting?

The first thing to clarify is that blind tasting is not tasting without seeing. Blind tasting is tasting without knowing what wine you are tasting, which for us is the purest way of approaching a wine.

When you taste blind, there are no conditions, because you don’t know the name of the wine, you haven’t seen its label, you have no idea of the grapes used to make it and you don’t know its price. All these elements, whether we like it or not, condition the tasting.

In a blind tasting it is possible that you end up liking a wine that you would never have chosen because of the appearance of its label, or that you end up giving a higher score to a €9 wine compared to a €20 wine. These things happen and it’s great that they do.

Blind tastings are common in the professional sphere, in fact, this is how wine competitions are tasted so that the only thing that matters is the quality of the wine and not other factors.

How to ‘play’ at blind tasting

With the Blind Wine Tasting Pack, what we propose is that you taste the wines without any prior information about them and that you have all the necessary material at your disposal.

The wines that you will find inside the box are numbered from 1 to 6, so that you know the tasting order.

Once all the tasters have the wine in their glass, the analysis begins.

First we will start with the visual phase, then the olfactory phase and, after that, the gustatory phase.

The tasters will write down all their perceptions on the tasting sheet, with the help of the tasting guide and the aroma wheel, which you will also find in the box.

When the tasting is completed, the wines are unveiled. Inside the bags in which the wines are hidden, you will also find the official tasting sheet for each one of them, so that you can check the answers given by the participants and even expand them with the information provided by our oenologists.

Commenting out loud during the tasting is not only permitted, but highly recommended, so that you can enrich yourselves with the perceptions of the other tasters.

This blind tasting game will allow you to learn and also to organise a different and fun activity at home. It is perfect for sharing your passion for wine and learning more and more about this wonderful world. It is also a great gift for wine lovers. Get it, winelover, you will enjoy it.