In Spanish we use a very curious phrase that is ‘Sleeping like a ceporro, and today we want to tell you, just in case you did not know, that this phrase comes from the world of wine.

By ‘ceporro’ we are referring to an old vine, but not like ours, which although old are still productive and giving a grape of excellent quality, but to a strain that is so old that it has become unproductive. These strains end up being torn and it is a hard task to remove them from the ground, because they are very rooted and moving them is complicated.

Hence the phrase ‘Sleeping like a ceporro’, which we tell someone when he has a very deep sleep, from which it is very difficult to get him out. There is also the ‘sleeping like a log’ version, but we like the first one more 🙂

And we also tell you that, traditionally, these ceporros that were plucked ended in the fire, and as they tend to be consistent trunks, lasted several hours in the fireplace, giving warmth home to the house and family.